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This Vintage Bus is called a Reo, look to made in the 1940's saw it in a front yard of someone who does Circle track racing, use as a RV. on my trip to upper Michigan i was passing tru a few towns. either village of Wausau or Rinelander in Wisconsin. as i said not all Bus in our Bus Village Website come from the Gatherings

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All Photo's taken on this page were taken in or around the july 4,2002


Most of the Buses you see here on Bus Village website's the owners were not around and if they were they did not want the inside of there bus photographed. These are there home's and they personal about there homes. This photo was a very good friend's new home. They just purchase this bus within a week they were living in it. They already bought stove and fridge and had remove some seat's at a event they traveled with 14 people who caught a ride and shared and fuel cost. they shared with me that they have more photo's when they finished converting there Bus.
This Bus has traveled running on used Veg. Oil or Cooking oil that has been change or altered so it run in Diesel engines. Please do not put straigt cooking in your bus!!! The Veg. oil that used alot at fast food places are selling to place that convert it to fuel. It run's about 70 cents per gallon. some have got it from them for free and converted the fuel themselves and run even cheaper than 70 cents per gallon. when i get more info. i post it thanks.
The owner of this bus was very nice and was very proud of the fine craftmanship he put into his bus. He gave me a tour and shared about the difficulties of truly make a bus a RV. I was amazed at the Quality it was as put togethor as well as any bus built new as a RV. I was blown away with his idea for screen's for inside for using existing windows on a school Bus. That's not a easy solution. I was impressed. If you live in Florida your bus got to have screens if you planning on camping in the woods in Florida