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Shauna and David's first Bus project
Shauna And I (David) bought this bus 2 years ago for 2000.00 in Alpine Wy. We were at an earth first gathering when we saw it. It took 1 1/2 years before I found the right VW for the right price. This is my second conversion. The first one is the first photo in gallery 2. 1954 mack school bus with a 1955 Jeep wagon. I learned a lot on that one as well as this one here (81 gmc with a 82 VW vanagon). I used a torch on the jeep. The cuts were really jagged. I got really clean cuts on the VW because I used a angle grinder with a thin carberandom blade. Doing projects like this just take so much time. But the reward is great. We use the VW as an upper level. I'll take some photos of the inside when its finished. I have about 5 days left before it will be done. Then we will see you at rainbow here in Utah if your going. I just put a 20 gallon propane tank on. The solar water heater and top back rails went up last week. I spent 3 days getting legal (safety inspections, emissions, carb tune up, Insurance and registration. I found a place to get Insurance on you bus. Its costing me $111.00 for six months, not bad eh. Well that’s all for now. Feel free to ask any questions. Peace,
 PS House paint works great just use a latex acrylic. My Art is getting painted on the sides of the bus tomorrow.

David and Shauna's recent bus project with photo's showing how they added 2nd level