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UPDATED July 26, 2018

Ocala Rainbow Gathering Info
See You Next Year!!! 2019
http://flrainbow.org/Ocala <--Click Me
Annual A-cola Gathering
The Gathering is Over
See You next year! 2019
http://flrainbow.org/A-cola <--Click Me
Welcome Home!
Want more information about what a Rainbow Gathering is? Rainbow history, legal documents, Rainbow music, Rainbow Family hip stories, Rainbow family clans, camps, kitchens and other Rainbow related websites. http://welcomehome.org/rainbow/index.html
Wikipedia on Rainbow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_Gathering
Tampa Bay Area Local Bands
 Here are some local bands you should go out and support:
Links to Other Rainbow Websites
Hippy Bus
Bus Village
Photo Gallerys of cool Hippy School Bus conversions. A menu of 7 photo gallerys of websites, all designed to work as an extensions of Bus Village website. Also there are other links related to bus design there . For the Rainbow Family who want to create there own Rolling Home / Hippy School Bus RV.
Tipi & Fli
Tipi Village
Photo Gallerys of Tipis at Rainbow Gatherings and other events.

Treasure Island Beach Large Drum Circle
Large Drum circle every Sunday starting in the afternoon and going til sunset. About 45 minutes from Tampa

Special note:
The City Council of Treasury Island has passed new laws that drum circle has to stop at SUNSET. Failure to understand this risks them deciding to stop the drum circle all together.
Please pickup your trash! Have FUN!
Directions From Interstate Hwy 275 "I-275":
  • Go south over the Howard Franklin Bridge towards downtown St. Pete.
  • Exit at 5th Ave. North and go right (west) towards the beach, at 34 street or "US-19, turn left (south) and go for a short distance.
  • Turn right (west) onto Central Ave and continue west for 2 to 3 miles, over the bridge onto Treasure Island, and proceed to Gulf Blvd (the end of Central Ave).
  • Turn left (south) onto Gulf Blvd, in about a 1/4 mile look for a Publix Supermarket (on left) and Public Beach Parking (on right). Park there and walk to the beach, you should hear the drums.
  • Do not park at the 4 story "Allied Bank" building parking lot since they are enforcing "No Parking" and will tow you. Please respect and know all law's of being on a public since there is sometimes heavy handed Police action at the Drum circle. Police are only target people who break laws. No fires on the beach of any kind. Please take home any trash you bring to the beach, since the folks are leaving alot trash on our beautiful beaches.

Link to Google Maps for Directions to Treasure Island Drum Circle from I275